There's hope!

I was browsing the Internet earlier and thought of deviating from my routine for a while to check the airfare rates of Cebu Pacific. Ever since I made a ticker for my planned Boracay trip, I have been obsessing about it every night.
I already have a date in mind: either we go there from Feb. 27 to March 1 or between March 13 to 15. Guess what, I was blown away by the rates of CEB. I must say Cebu Pacific is the cheapest. Hands down.
Two round trip tickets to Kalibo would cost us about P6,565, not bad especially at a time when most airline companies are still recovering from their losses due to the past oil price hike.
But then, that's just the airfare. Unless we bring our own tents to Boracay, (that is, if they will even allow us to set camp at the beachfront), there's still the accommodations to worry about.
I checked the website called for packages and found some hotels quite cheap. Actually I don't really care if we sleep in a bungalow or a one-star resort since we will be out most of the day anyway. But given the choice, I would like to try The Erus Suites Hotel at Boat Station 2. The rooms look nice (at least in the pictures) and carry different themese like modern pop art, baroque, zen, retro, country, etc. Taxes and all, a night at Erus will shave off about P8,000 from our meager savings. Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all.
Any suggestions?

Comic relief

Allow me to post this compilation of idiocy courtesy of my officemate Ross. These are tongue-in-cheek jokes allegedly quoted from faceless and famous personalities. I hope it will make your day, just like it did with the rest of us in the office when this was forwarded to us. Cheers!

1. An Eat Bulaga contestant was asked by Joey and Vic: Ano sa Tagalog ang grasshopper? Contestant: Ahmm. . .Huling Hapunan?
2. It was an ex-PBB housemate (1st batch) who said this: Big Brother, ginagawa po nila ako laughing stuff
3. In Wowowee, the question was: Kung ang sigaw ay shout sa Inggles, ano naman sa Tagalog ang whisper? The contestant answered: Napkin!
4. While watchng the news yesterday about a kid killed by a bulldozer, our maid commented: Kaya ayoko mag-alaga ng aso eh
5. My friend and I were walking up the stairs of our schools new bldg. She said out of nowhere: Imagine mo kung di ginawa tong bldg, umaakyat tayo sa hangin?
6. My cousin at a DRIVE-THRU: Miss, puwedeng take out?
7. Nadia Montenegro promoting her movie: Please watch The Life Story of Julie Vega, opening na po on the twenty-twoth of November.
8. In a burger joint I heard a man say: Miss, isa ngang amusing aloha at saka kidney meal. Server: Dine in po ba or to go? The man answered: Ayoko ng sago!
9. I was making cookies at home when I ran out of cookie sheets, so I called our maid and said: Manang bili ka nga ng cookie sheet. And she replied: Ano po, solo o litro? (coke is it)
10. My friend said: Ang galing no, yung Ash Wednesday last year , Miyerkules din pumatak!
11. A non-Christian vendor selling a Last Supper painting: Maam bili po kayo ng frame, maganda po ito, Hesus and Company.
12. While watching Apollo 13, after she heard the line: Houston , we have a problem. My ex-girlfriend asked: Sino si Houston ?
13. My aunt was going to the US for the 1st time. She told us: Nagpapabili ang tita niyo ng autistic guitar. Saan ba nakakabili nun?
14. We were marketing for an org event, when one of my orgmates wanted to clear the definition of the types of sponsors (Major, Minor, Patron, etc.) So she asked her grandma: Lola, anong mas mataas sa Patron? Her lola replied: Patron? Eh di Shell!
15. Also in a gameshow. Host: Ano sa Tagalog ang teeth? Contestant: Utong!
16. I once heard an emcee say: Lets give her a warm of applause!
17. One classmate in highschool said, Ang cute naman ng sintas mo, luminou! I corrected him and said, luminous! Then he replied, Oo nga pala, plural!
18. Barker ng bus: Ah Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao, Cubao!!! Pasahero: Boss, Cubao?
19. Sa isang gameshow, tinanong ng host: Anong P ang Tagalog ng storey o floor ng building? Contestan: PIP PLOR!
20. An officemate of ours told us a story about driving alone in her car: Alam niyo, pag nag-iisa ako, feeling kowala akong kasama
21. I had a customer on the line who had a password on his account. I asked for the password but he forgot. I gave him a clue: Its a 4-digit number. He answered, UhmROCKY?
22. I overheard a lady place an order at Starbucks: One cup of chino please.
23. An officemate once asked: Saan sa Quezon City ang Mandaluyong?
24. I had a meeting with a friend and I noticed that both of us were wearing stripes. He suddenly blurted out: Uy, stripes din! Its the color of the day!
25. My sister said of our neighbor who was our arch enemy: Mamatay na sana kapitbahay natin! I told her not to say that, coz it might bounce back to us. Then she said, Ah ganun ba yun? In that case, mamatay na sana tayo!
26. When I saw that I got a missed call, I said, Hey, I got a missed call! My friend said, Anong sabi?
27. From the gameshow The Weakest Link. Host Edu Manzano asked: Anong T ang ibinibigay ng konduktor pag nagbayad ka ng pamasahe sa bus? Ian Veneracion answered: TUKLI!
28. We were reviewing for an exam and we were already dead tired. A classmate said, Hala, brownout! Pagtingin namin, nakapikit pala siya.
29. A call center agent told a foreign customer regarding the changing of the due date of her credit card: Maam, I already changed your monthly period.
30. A home economics teacher asked us: How do you make wet floor and tow duff? Translation: How do you make wheat flour and tough dough.
31. During a shower party for my friend, the married women were giving tips on the dos & donts of sexual intercourse, when the bride asked: Hindi ba kasama yung betlog sa pinapasok?
32. Melanie Marquez: Ang tatay ko lang ang only living legend na buhay pa

Much ado about vampires..take 2!

People in the the U.S. especially teen girls had a lot to be grateful for on Thanksgiving, the first being the opening of "Twilight" over the weekend. Read on yahoo movies that the drama flick hauled in about USD70 million, USD20 million more than the expected digits it would make in the box office. However, we Filipinos should pray harder and hope that the movie will be screened sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you might want to book your seats earlier. Ayala Cinemas are selling tickets in advance.

The color of grass...

Here are two interpretations of the grass skirt ala haute couture. The one worn by Madonna is from Louis Vuitton's latest collection for spring. Mischa Barton, on the other hand, opted to wear Monique Lhuillier. Can you see the striking similarities?

I don't know about you but I prefer Monique Lhuillier's interpretation although bakit parang nagkopyahan sila? However, this is not to say that I heart any of the dresses. Chaka. How many ostriches were skinned to make these frocks?

As with the Material Girl, she has always worn those ghastly fishnet stockings for as long as I can remember. Wala na bang bago? Fishnets only look attractive in the privacy of one's bedroom donned with leather boots, metal spikes, and a whip. Other than that, these should be torched along with your mother's padded blouses, psychedelic armbands, patadyong, and, lo and behold, those colorful jeans (in magenta, orange, yellow, and all the colors you can imagine) that were resurrected recently. What is happening to fashion these days?

Dreaming of Bora

I can't exactly remember how many times I've been in this island probably because they were forgettable except for one thing: how the talcum-like sand first felt under my bare feet. It's nothing I've seen or experienced prior to my first trip to Boracay. And it's the only thing I can vividly remember until now.
If you noticed, I've added a ticker on my page that reveals a countdown until our Boracay trip next year. I haven't discussed this yet with my husband (well now you know after reading this) but I really am bent on going back to this island WITH him in tow for three main reasons: 1) he hasn't been to Bora; 2) it's the next best thing to Bikini Destination; 3) to prove to him that, indeed, the sand is powdery.
Now my problem is the budget. It's not cheap to travel these days especially for us who like to eat A LOT. Last year, we went to Cebu and stayed at Shangri-La Mactan for three days, and another night at Waterfront. While we got our accommodations at Shang on the cheap, our pocket money was mostly spent eating in restaurants (and we didn't even try out any of Shang's restos except during breakfast. Otherwise, we would have begged our way back to Manila).
I haven't set an amount yet but based from our previous Cebu trip, the Bora vacay would probably set us back by P30,000 net. Beyond that and I would have to scrap the whole plan and postpone it indefinitely.
Maybe I should watch the Secret again and hope for the best.

The devil is in the dessert!

If there's one thing that pulls me and Argel together, it's food. Eating is our favorite pastime and our way of coping when we are so harassed in our respective offices. Whenever we can, we see to it that we have dinner dates at least once a month. It doesn't have to be something fancy. So long as it's new, it's good, it's reasonable, it pleases our palates, or it is referred by a friend, then it's good enough for us to give it a try.
Last night, Argel asked me out and I am glad that he did. We rarely go out on dates lately either because my two boys are always tagging along, or we just never had the time. So last night was really something to look forward to. I can't say that it was the most romantic but it was definitely fun. We had a good laugh throughout the evening.
Anyway, we ended up at this restaurant called Wagamamu. It's a new place along N.S. Amoranto (former Retiro) in Q.C. with cozy interiors and friendly staff. I don't know what their specialty is but I would definitely recommend their desserts. We tried their blueberry streussel cheesecake and boy, it melts in your mouth! It's a perfect balance of creaminess, texture, richness, and sweetness. I know the picture is not as appetizing but so far, it's one of the best blueberry cheesecakes I've tasted (The other one was at Cafe George in Cebu). They also serve good cappuccino made from roasted Italian beans. Now, if you want to make your own brew at home, you can take home your own Italian espresso maker which are available in varying sizes from the restaurant's mini store. I've seen a similar espresso maker used by Giada de Laurentiis in her show Everyday Italian and I was so fascinated by its sheer simplicity. They also sell roasted coffee and teabags in cans and paper bags to go with your espress machine. Do give it a try just in case you have nothing to do on a mundane evening.

Text spammers

I hate it when I receive spam text messages in my cellphone. How do these scheming spammers manage to hack our numbers anyway? Yesterday, I got an SMS telling me that I can claim my FREE insurance policy in Makati from this company called CARITAS. They even went as far as giving a person to contact, a landline number, the address where I can claim my insurance policy and a BFAD license. The end of the text read: God Bless. Ok. So these stupid text spammers think they can get away with anything by name-dropping the most influential of all being. Tsk. Tsk. Kilabutan naman kayo.
To begin with, I did not apply for any insurance policy of late. In fact, I am planning to have two of my insurance policies cut off because I feel (after years of paying) that it's completely unnecessary. But knowing how shrewd marketing people are, they won't give up my insurance policy without giving a good fight. I have had few attempts to call one of the insurance companies to inform them that I no longer want to be covered by their services and that they should stop charging me (through my credit card). Their response was rather dizzying. The stupid person on the other end of the line told me that "Sorry mam, it's not that easy to cut off your insurance policy. You need to submit a formal letter explaining why you want to discontinue the policy afterwhich we will review the letter within 30 days."
What the crap?! You're telling me now that I need to go through all that nonsense when all you needed was my confirmation (over the phone) for the policy to materialize two years ago? Kalokohan.
I received yet another spam text this afternoon claiming it was from Pulse Asia. There's no way to verify the veracity of this text but it reveals a list of presidentiables and their ranking. If the results have any grain of truth in them, then I guess I won't be going to the poll stations in 2010 as it has always been in the last two elections.
1. De Castro 19 %
2. Estrada 18 %
3. Villar 18 %
Fill in the remaining blanks.


Could somebody please share with me some witty snide remarks to put off this person who is irritatingly tactless, who thinks she knows everything, and who acts as if she is the most intelligent person in the world?
I have been putting up with her for quite some time now but she's really getting into my nerves. Sure I have some bad bones in my body and I could be confrontational if I want to but I won't go to such extent as to be rude to someone (esp if there are other people around) and embarrass her. I could be nice you know. In fact, I believe that I am fairly nice and cordial to people. But this person...she's nakakairita to the point that I want to throttle her neck and squeeze out all the lard in her! Take note: I am not the only one who's very irritated. My other friends are also pissed at her because she has this way of making people around her feel very uncomfortable. Most of the time, I just let it slide off but I don't know how long I could put up with her. So help me God.

Gift ideas, anyone?

My husband and I are still toying with the idea on what to give our eldest for Christmas. He's six, already in preschool, a smart boy, and has a mind of his own. He also happens to be a huge fan of video games which I am strongly opposed to. Aside from the fact that these games are mostly filled with gore and violence, video games take so much of his attention and time (sometimes even during school days) that we thought it best to limit his "playtime" and only allowed him to play with his PSP on weekends.
Recently though, his biological father ( this makes it even more complicated) expressed his desire to give his son a PS2 as a Christmas present. My answer was obvious. A solid NO. A debate ensued afterwards.
My point was, he already has a PSP so what's the point of giving him a new game console? Besides he's only six and should be out in the park playing hide and seek with other children instead of spending the entire afternoon in deep concentration as if the fate of the world was on his hands!
I went on to point out to him that expensive gadgets such as a PS2 should be EARNED (through good grades, initiative, etc.) instead of giving it just like that. I don't want to sound like the Grinch here and I know that my eldest would be so delighted to receive one BUT I don't think now is the right time. Maybe when he's 10 or 12. But not six.
As much as possible, I try not to give toys to my sons unless we happen to dine at McDonald's or Jollibee. Christmas is still too far to stress about this one but if you have any interesting idea (it doesn't really have to be something tangible) then your comments are very welcome.

Jen-Brad-Angelina saga continues

A new twist to the Jen-Brad-Angelina saga (note that Brad is at the center of the title for obvious reasons) surfaces after Jennifer Aniston commented about Angelina's blatant remarks on her and Brad's romance that blossomed at the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. (Read the full article here)
Angelina has no delicadeza and class. She used to deny the rumors and now here she is telling the whole world how she and Brad fell in love while shooting Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Tsk. I used to admire her especially for her efforts to end global hunger and poverty. Maybe it's her way of diverting the ire and bad publicity being thrown her way. Or perhaps she felt so guilty that she had to think of something on a massive scale that will make up for her mortal sin. Show some remorse! Confess, my dear, confess.

Wooden wonders and more

The bleak economy and ridiculous prices have somehow changed our priorities in the past few months. As a result, we have become smarter, and even cynical if you may, when it comes to spending our money. This Christmas, though, it won't hurt to add a thing or two more to your "to-buy" list so long as you know that you are getting your money's worth.
For homeowners like me, a good piece of furniture is sooo hard to resist. But what exactly is a good piece of furniture? Price is not only the factor in determining quality. Design, material, finish, craftsmanship, and price share equal importance when arriving at a decision. I personally like wood furniture because it has that certain homey feel to it not to mention it gives character to living spaces. Unfortunately, today's market is swamped with run-of-the-mill, sub-standard wooden furniture that leave us with very little options...unless you are one such discerning consumer who knows where to get the good stuff.
If I may suggest, an online lifestyle store called is a good place to build around your own Zen-inspired abode with a few pieces from this store. The site carries a complete range of classic furniture and home accents that would truly impress even the most discriminating taste. The long list starts with pretty lamp shades, candles, and windlights, down to coffee tables, cupboards and dressers.
Its chests of drawers are both functional and stylish. I know that bulky chests can look so out of place in a room. However, the finer details such as patinated brass handles and carved edges turn this functional object into a pretty accent piece. The chests of drawers are available in varying sizes to fit every nook and cranny of your house.
The bedroom is the most intimate part of the house hence the centerpiece of this room, which is the bed, should echo the same ambiance. I have always wished for a four-poster bed ever since I saw King Louis XIV's during a trip to France. The wooden beds in this site evoke that same Old World charm and sets the tone for intimacy. All beds are handmade using teak and oak wood among other natural materials. The price may set you back by a few thousands but for a good night's sleep? It's worth every cent you pay for it.
Finally, my favorite part of the house (next to the bedroom, of course) is the dining area. About three years ago, I bought a four-seater dining set made of teak wood and leather. But after seeing the dining tables in this site, I instantly turned green with envy. The designs are exactly what I had in mind -- very elegant and exclusive but not intimidating. Don't you hate it when you have beautiful furnishings that you can't even enjoy because it's too precious you won't even let your own kids go near it?
These dining tables are fully functional and stylish. They also have a round dining table perfect for condo dwellers deprived of precious space.
Wait, I haven't mentioned the best part yet. The site offers what it calls "interest free credit" that offers customers flexible payment modes. Check out the site for more information.

Musings on marriage

I was once asked how marriage has changed my relationship with my then boyfriend and now husband. And my answer then was: not so much. Pondering about it now, I realized that A LOT has changed in our relationship since we got hitched two years ago. For one, we are less tolerant of each other that we have become critical to a fault. I admit that I focus too much on my husband's temper rather than acknowledge his sweet little gestures. Last Sunday, I chided him for being "ma-pride" which was very unlikely of him when we were still on our dating stage. His reply was: "Kasi alam ko na kahit magka-away tayo, magkikita pa rin tayo sa bahay. Wala kang choice kundi kausapin ako unlike nung mag-boyfriend tayo." Tama nga naman.
Lesson learned: Once you get married, you are left with no choice but to work things out. Ergo, separation is never an option.

Gwyneth goes gaga...literally

I still can't get over this infamous photo of Gwyneth Paltrow (courtesy of which instantly demoted her to "worst dressed celebrity" overnight!
Everything in this outfit is just grossly wrong -- from the hair, choice of jewelry, a kitschy black and white dress with lace details, the granny lingerie (if you can even call it that), and those atrocious ankle boots that remind me of Minnie Mouse.
Im no fasyon myself but I would not let this one pass. Maybe Gwyneth was feeling kinky when she picked this outfit, sort of dressing as a French maid and failing miserably. Perhaps it wouldn't have been as dreadful if ONLY she wore the right lingerie. If I were the husband, I would divorce her through SMS and hide from her never to see me again. haha Just kidding.
Seriously, this "kita-ang-kapitbahay" see-through dress lacks creativity, decency and common sense. Gwyneth should axe her stylist, whoever he/she is.
For more photos of fashion disasters, click here

Much ado about vampires

I've always been fascinated with vampires, but not as much as my friend Riya who's obsessed with them. So it's not surprising that she's been persuading me to grab a copy of the Twilight series and eventually get hooked (like her)on the central character named Edward. I haven't read a book since I finished The Da Vinci Code but I would love to get a copy of Twilight based solely on Riya's persuasion and her numerous blog entries chronicling her fixation about this novel.
Incidentally, I've seen some of the publicity photos of Twilight (courtesy of Access Hollywood) and I must admit that I was smitten by the actor who plays Edward. However, my dilemma now is this: should I read the book first before I watch the movie or vice versa? The problem with movie adaptations is they are shortened versions of literary masterpieces hence they sometimes lack the gritty details of full-length novels. I've seen a couple of movies based on best-selling novels (specifically The Da Vinci Code, A Time to Kill, and Memoirs of a Geisha)and found them somewhat lacking. As a viewer and a natural whiner, I can't help but compare these two versions. More often than not, I end up in regret for pillaging my piggy bank to buy tickets to that movie.
Going back to Twilight, I'm still torn between buying the book and stretching my patience till the local premiere of this much hyped Hollywood flick.

Btw, mukhang hindi naligo si Robert Pattinson in one of the pictures. He admitted it himself in one of his interviews. "I haven't washed my hair in about six weeks. It's disgusting," Pattinson reveals to USA Today. What the heck, vampires don't take a bath!

Fashion victory or fashion victim?

Just when we thought that all eyes where on Obama on election night, there were a few pairs gazing not at the dandy president-elect, but at his wife Michelle and what she was wearing for this momentous occasion. Since the campaign started, much has been written and said about Michelle's fashion sense. There were a couple of hits and misses. I also had my personal favorites, including a black and white floral number that she wore during a guest appearance on The View -- and it's not even a designer outfit.
Admittedly, Michelle has a flair for fashion. And by that, I don't necessarily mean haute couture. She can wear a sundress from Target and still look regal on it. However, Michelle's pick at last night victory party was so-so. The black and red frock was nothing to sneeze at, that's for sure, but unfortunately it didn't inspire the fashion savant in me.
Read on yahoo that the dress was by Narciso Rodriguez, a staple at New York's catwalk. She could have chosen a gown by Oscar dela Renta, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, or Karl Lagerfeld. Instead, she chose to wear Narciso Rodriguez to Chicago's Grant Park.
If she was to be judged as one of the best dressed people based on that outfit, she would not have been considered a contender at all.
Look at the picture and tell me what's your take on it. (Photo courtesy of

Black or White?

Black has always been a recurring trend. Today, Americans have reaffirmed this by voting the first black president to the White House. Aaahh..I just hope the GQ material Obama is not just another trend. I like the guy. He brims with so much promise...and fashion sense.
If it's worth anything, McCain was man enough to concede. That's unheard of here in the Philippines. No Filipino politician accepts defeat. Just look at our government. How many political factions have clamored for a recall of electoral count, claiming that their bet won by x margin. Good God! They should have done that four years ago.
In the meantime, should we even care about the US elections? What good will it bring this third world country? One political analyst said an Obama victory would be favorable for Asian countries given that the Harvard graduate grew up in Indonesia, more sympathetic to Asians? Do you get the parallelism? I don't either. US has both of its hands full right now -- a looming recession, rising unemployment rate,Iraq war, weak dollar, etc. Sorry guys, but water runs dry even in the promise land.
Again I ask: should we give a damn who wins in the US Election?

sore and sullen

Woke up this morning with a stiff neck which I probably got from sleeping on my side the entire night. I was careful not to move too much, or stretch out my arms as I normally do. But last night, we allowed our youngest to sleep on our bed. He's been sick since yesterday. The last time I checked, the thermometer read 39.5. But he's getting better, thank God. Unfortunately, my stiff neck is not.
I think I should get a massage -- not! Our savings have dried up hence I don't have the liberty to splurge on hedonistic pleasures. In the meantime, Salonpas will do.