A passion for pearls

This is the best time to make your wish list, or if you plan to play Santa on Dec. 25, a checklist for presents to be given away come Christmas. After all, who wants to get caught in the horrendous traffic and dizzying Christmas rush which starts to build up as soon as Halloween is over?
But then if you totally want to avoid the crowd, try online shopping. It's a most convenient way to purchase stuff not to mention there are a handful of sites that offer great deals and huge discounts. One of these sites is http://www.pearl-necklace-jewelry.com/ which sells all sorts of pearls in chic designs.
A woman of style surely knows that a strand of pearl can instantly turn a boring outfit into a classic ensemble thus it's only wise for us women to invest on pearls be it a necklace, bracelet, choker, or simple earring studs.
The pearls at http://www.pearl-necklace-jewelry.com/ are appraised by a IGI Graduate Gemologist who, by the way, also appears on their website and are guaranteed 100% genuine so I guess that's a good starting point.
I know there are a lot of pretty options to choose from in this site so I will give a few suggestions as I am a pearl lover myself.
I personally adore their akoya pearl necklace which goes well with practically everything in my wardrobe. However, you might want to dig deeper into your pockets to have one of these which are priced anywhere between US$119 to US$199. Frankly, it's money well spent given that the pearls are really grown in Japan (and not in China, South Korea or Australia where these pearls are also known to be cultivated today).

For those on a budget, there are equally pretty items under US$100 dollars such as their freshwater pearl necklaces that come either in single, double and multi-layer strands.
A black pearl necklace is another personal favorite, a very versatile and sophisticated piece of jewelry I'm sure even your mother-in-law would approve of it.
The good thing about investing on pearls is these gems never go out of style...you can even pass them to your daughters as heirlooms. Happy shopping!

Despedida de Soltera

My kumare and officemate in MB has finally found her better half in Fil-American soldier Rodel (or Lieutenant as we refer to him). They met through Friendster and after one year of exchanging emails and overseas calls, the two finally met last year. They were inseparable since (except of course when Lieutenant has to fly back to the US).
The two are getting married in the US this year, in December if my memory serves me right. Madaya ka tiray, ayaw mo yata mang-invite! According to Tiray, Rodel popped the question in Island Cove accompanied with a beautiful rock. Asked whether she was surprised, she quipped: "Shempre ineexpect ko na yun noh! (Referring to the engagement ring) Napag-usapan na namin sa phone un." Hahaha .
Anyway, mamimiss kita Tiray! She has always been the life of the party both literally and figuratively, thanks to her infectious, albeit pitchy, laughter and spine-breaking dance moves which we get to see during Christmas parties in MB and at Ricky Reyes' house in Valle Verde.
Here are some pictures of our despedida cum bridal shower for Therese at the Seaside View along Macapagal road. Note that restaurant owner Claire dela Fuente's poster in the background. Kainich!

kitchen solutions

Im a sucker for Food Network shows. Name it, I probably know it. Aside from the recipes I so try hard to copy in vain, these shows provide nuggets of wisdom which I find very useful in the kitchen. While I'm at it, I will try to post at least one kitchen tip that I learned from the experts. It's really for my own benefit as I have this bad habit of jotting down bits of interesting information in scratch paper and totally forget about it the next day.

Today's food for thought:
For those who like garlic in anything they eat, here's a neat trick to get rid of that strong garlic odor in your fingers. After slicing, dicing, pounding, mincing or whatever style you use in preparing your garlic, immediately wash hands in cold water rubbing them with a stainless steel utensil (i.e. spoon, fork, ladle, etc.)
Though I haven't tried it, Martha Stewart swears it works like botox. Just kidding.
Kris Aquino also suggests an otherwise expensive alternative. She uses this liquid hand soap that can be bought from Rustan's. Wipes off any garlic residue. Just ask the saleslady about it.

Vanity is my favorite sin

What was the weirdest thing you did for vanity's sake? I've tried a few ones in my puberty and adult years -- some worked while the rest are too gross to print here.
Here are a few things I've tried:
  • Put toothpaste or lipstick (whichever is available) on a zit. Apparently, the fluoride in the toothpaste dries out the pimple and eventually heals faster. This is, of course, my own scientific musings. It's not yet backed by lab tests and researches.
  • Rubbed calamansi on my armpits for smoother, whiter and attractive kili-kili. This is tedious and so much hassle. I don't know if it really works because I don't do it religiously. Also, I find it very messy because the seeds get stuck in the drain. I'll probably use the calamansi with patis or toyo next time.
  • Rubbed calamansi on my hands to remove detergent residue. It's so diyahe to have hands that are "nangingintab" after a night of scrubbing and hand-washing. Voila! The good old calamansi does the trick. It won't turn your hands like a baby's but it will at least smoothen out dead cells and "deodorize" detergent-soaked hands.
  • Try brushing your toenails with plain soap and water every time you take a bath. I assure you, you won't need to go to the parlor for a pedicure in the next three months.
  • Recently, I had a minor emergency case. Was frying lapu-lapu and was in the act of turning it to the other side when the super hot oil started bursting like a mad volcano. Aftermath? Scalding cooking oil all over my face, neck and right arm. In desperation, I immediately washed off the oil in running water and reached for any cream to soothe the burning sensation. Found a bottle of Face Shop oil-free moisturizing cream. I swear by its efficacy. I only sustained red patches of skin instead of ugly blisters that leave permanent scars. The only side effect: I look like I have a hickie sticking out in my neck.
  • When I was a kid, I was especially fond of sucking sugarcane (tubo). The remaining pulp I used to rub on my teeth because my mother told us it was a good abrasive and it whitened the teeth. Looks like mothers don't know best all the time.
  • Remember when you had your first, uhmm, period? What did your mother tell you? Well aside from "O, pede ka na mabuntis!" I also got the most stupid, grossest and out-of-this-world advice. I was told, half-jokingly, to wipe my face with my first, errr, leak so I won't have monstrous breakouts ever. Yack! At sino namang walang utak ang nakaisip nun in the first place? Kadiri!
  • Still on monthly period, I was forbidden by my elders from taking a bath during my red days. Imagine if you're the type who bleeds for a week? The wisdom behind it kuno was since your pores are open during monthly period, there's a big chance na pasukin ka ng masamang hangin. Resulta? Ikaw ay magiging Sisa. Stopped doing this when I entered college. Nakakahiya sa roommates ko.
These are just some of the silly things I did for beauty's sake. For more wacky beauty tips that actually work, read on...

Eheads reunion concert was a success BUT...

Yes there's a big BUT and I know that everyone who went to the concert last Saturday share the same sentiment. It was bitin not only because the show was cut short due to unfortunate circumstances but in many other ways as well. But first, the details.
Went to The Fort around 3:00 p.m. for the off-chance of sneaking in at the VIP section. Security was kinda tight, they even asked us to leave our yosis and lighter. Sanamagan! It was an open field! Bakit mo ipagbabawal ang pag-yosi? Even air-conditioned restaurants have smoking areas dude.
Anyway, there we were under the 3p.m. sun roasting ourselves until we were sticky and stinky. Walang upuan. Standing only. Ok lang sana if not for the painful gravel that we had to sit on and the forbidding metal rigs that separated the non-paying VIPs and us pobresitas who payed P1,300 just to get us in. Eto ang clincher, may SVIP pa!
I asked the bouncer what SVIP meant. Super Very Important Persons? Special Very Important People? He just laughed at me and walked away. Something was wrong here.
We had to endure the five-hour waiting time. It was already 7 p.m. and the VIP section was barely occupied except for newsmen trying to ambush some concert-goers (including us). Sanamagan! Mga VIP talaga. They know they can afford to be late.
The concert started around 8:15 p.m. and by God, was it sooo worth it! Second song into the concert and I was already hoarse. And yet something was missing. I nor my husband could not quite figure out what it was. Maybe I wanted some drama? Group hug perhaps? Or was it because Ely played it suplado from the very beginning, failing to acknowledge the fans except for a brief "Okay ba kayo jan?" and "Andami niyo ah?"
I was not expecting some head banging or spiels or impromptu speeches. It was not, after all, their style. I guess, for lack of a better word, the FUN was not just there. Yes we had fun but Ely, Raimund, Marcus and Buddy? I did not feel the rapport. They played song after song it was almost mechanical. Heard there were supposed to be two sets, even three according to some, with 30 songs.
Sayang. We could only wish it happened. I know a small part of us wanted to shout "Boooohhhh" when they made the announcement. BUT we were too stunned and civilized as to be so insensitive and stoical. At bago pa makapag-react ang lahat, there was Francis Lumen of MTV Philippines apologizing, bidding everyone a safe trip home. Yes it was a concert that wrote history in many ways BUT...