Maling akala

I hope this buzz about the forthcoming reunion of the Eraserheads is not just a "maling akala" as their song goes. My husband and I already registered online to get tickets (apparently this was the only way to get tickets to the "free concert) but we have yet to receive a reply from this site.
If this is a form of viral marketing, ang galing ng nakaisip! It couldn't have come at a better time. Fans have been clamoring for a reunion right after they disbanded...I cant wait.

Yaya to the rescue

Im back though I was never really away (excluding perhaps the three-day "vacation" I took with my sister in Hong Kong last June 26).
For the past two weeks, wala ako yaya which is why I didnt have time to update this blog. Thankfully I have my new yaya, sinundo namin sia yesterday dun sa agency kung san kami parati kumukuha ng yaya.
I've lost count of my yayas who have come and gone. The last one, who left us like a thief (walang paalam!), was apparently pissed after Alamat threw her cellphone in the toilet bowl. Mahilig kasi si alamat magtapon ng kung ano sa toilet. It reminds me of the macacks in India, tipong nang-aagaw ng pagkain tas biglang tatakbo.
I already warned my new yaya about this bad habit of Alamat. Wag mag-cellphone or else. Sana tumagal. Im getting tired of signing up a new yaya every so often. On top of that, mahal ng placement fee sa agency. Our savings are starting to dry up. Need a job fast.
Now I have to catch up on a lot of things...dami tatapusin. Hopefully, this month I'll have a new job and more projects.