My first blessing this 2009

I'm talking about a very BIG blessing coming our way this year. I tested positive last night. No, no, not coke or meth. I'm having a baby again meaning I'll be a mother for the third time. The thought excites and scares me at the same time. We haven't planned on this one, but we need to be ready for him/her. Scary thought but a most welcome gift. Now we have to cut back on our spending and save as much as we could. I underwent CS the last time so I am expecting that I'll undergo the same procedure. Do the math and you instantly have a P60,000 looming hospital debt. Good thing my husband has doctors (a surgeon and OB) for relatives so we don't need to worry about the bills (well, at least for the professional fee). I just thank God that I am employed when this happened, otherwise I would deliver this baby via kumadrona inside our room. Ok, I am exaggerating because husband is a good provider. However, we still need MORE than what we are earning right now if we want a comfortable life for our kids, and ourselves na rin.
Anyhow, we already have a name in case it turns out to be a boy. We will call him Datu in keeping with the theme of giving our children Pinoy names. If was thinking of calling my baby Maya if it turns out to be a girl but then, my kumare beat me to it (She already gave birth last December altho hers spells Maia) so we have to decide on another one. Any suggestion?

Eheads Final go or not to go?

Ok. Now I am getting excited. I've read in some blogs and forums that (yes, finally) there will be another E-heads concert aptly titled "Eraserheads: The Final Set Concert." Tentative sched is March 7 (which, upon checking my phone's calendar, falls on a Saturday). No venue yet but some are predicting that it will be at the MOA concert grounds (God forbid) or The Fort (same as last year's).
My problem is, how do I get VIP tickets? It's would be easy if only they SOLD veepee tickets to plain Janes and Joes like me. Alas, VIP tickets as I painfully learned are for, well, very important people kuno like families, friends, honchos, media members, organizers, or anybody who had clout which unfortunately I don't have *sniff sniff*
Totel suggested that I might snag some passes if I volunteered to babysit for Ely's guitars. Not a bad idea if only it really were probable.
As an alternative,I am thinking of offering myself as a slave for a month to a friendwho got SVIP tickets at last year's concert *snicker* for the off-chance of scoring two tickets (one for hubby). I know I sound so desperate but who wouldn't be? I don't want to pay for patron tickets. I've been there before and I tell you the crowd, the food, the smell, and most importantly the view is not good to say the least.
Haiiiizzz. Ang hirap maging mahirap.

Wolverine is back..and other kick-ass characters from our childhood

I know nobody can really predict the future but I think it's safe to say that 2009 is gonna be a blockbuster year for movies (and yes, another reason to stash away some cash for those prime theater seats.)
Got this list from Yahoo Movies. I confess that I'm no movie fan. I am too lazy to make the trip to the mall, line up at the movie tills, wait for my turn at the hotdog stand, and sit still for two hours - UNLESS it's really a good movie like last year's "Batman" with Heath Ledger that had me strapped to my seat from start to closing credits (even if my bladder was about to blow up with liquid amonia all over the floor). It's just so unfortunate that Heath didn't live long enough to see his Oscar-worthy performance.
Anyway, here is a (long) list of movies that would somehow inspire you to save up some moolah because honestly they're all worth watching.

1. Fast & Furious with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel (no comment)
2. X-men Origins: Wolverine with Hugh Jackman (this I SHOULD not miss)
3. Star Trek (I haven't watched a single episode of this sci-fi franchise "loser! loser!" but I guess it's worth mentioning)
4. Angels & Demons with Tom Hanks - (I fell asleep with The Da Vinci Code but hey everyone deserves a second chance!)
5. Terminator Salvation with Christian Bale (and not Arnold Schwarzenegger, thank God!)
6. Land of the Lost
7. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Shia LaBeouf is smokin'!)
8. Public Enemies with Johnny Depp (need I elaborate more?)
9. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
10. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra (I'm very curious with this)
11. Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. (he did a good job in Iron Man)
12. Avatar (I SHOULD watch this on a Lazy Boy at Gateway with Argel and River. We are all big fans of Avatar)

For the complete list, click on Yahoo! Movies.

Still on the hairy issue...

This is a follow-up to my entry yesterday since my friend Lilith brought it up anyway. She ponders, "Is goatee considered a mustache?"
Very tricky question, ain't it? It's like saying, "Ang balbas ba ay para ding bigote?" (sorry for the lousy translation, I really suck in Filipino). What do you think? Are they the same or are they totally different? I made a survey over Facebook and am still waiting for the results (that is, if anybody cared to answer hahaha pfft!)
Anyway, whenever goatee or mustache comes to mind there's only person that pops in my head. He's also the only person I know (ok, ok, I am biased) who can go with or without a goatee/mustache and still look smokin' hot! Which do you prefer?

'stache or no 'stache?

So what is a mustacheologist? At first, I thought it was a new entry in the dictionary concocted by a Joe the Six Pack. But no, a mustacheologist is a person who studies (hold your breath) men's mustache. What exactly do they study? I honestly have no friggin' idea. Apparently according to the Yahoo video that I watched, there are a handful types of mustache like the horseshoe, manchu, handlebar, walrus, lampshade, and so on, categorized according to the thickness and shape of the upper lip hair, perhaps?
Whatever. I don't like mustache in my man. I find it simply annoying. No pogi points for you, dear hubby. I think of it as a dirt trap that gathers food residue and facial oils. And then what? You're gonna rub all that muck all over my face and *ehem" my body? No thanks. I prefer my man to be squeaky clean that's why I keep nagging my husband to please, please shave and get rid of those wiry shoots. I don't quite get some women who find mustache in men very sexy and well, arousing. Honestly, mustache reminds of me kontrabidas like Rez Cortez, Paquito Diaz, and Jorge Estregan, Jr.
On the contrary, there are actors whose mustaches define their characters such as the late Rudy Fernandez, and Ramon Revilla Sr. Just imagine if they didn't have mustache? Di ko ma-imagine.
Well going back to the subject, don't you think there should also be such a term as goateeologist to keep it fair and square? How about balbonism? Just saying...
(Photo credit goes to professionalheckler)

Ang aking listahan ng mga gagawin ngayong bagong taon...

Wala naman talaga akong listahan ng mga resolusyon dahil unang-una ay tamad akong magsulat; pangalawa, alam ko namang hindi ko matutupad ang mga bagay na gusto kong baguhin ngayong 2009. Sinubukan ko na dati yan. Ang sabi ko titigil na akong manigarilyo pero hindi ko talaga mapigilan ang sarili ko na magsindi ng isang stik lalo na pag matagal-tagal akong hindi nagbabanyo. Madalas ay un ang lagi kong palusot sa aking asawa. "Dad, isang stick lang para lang lumabas." Hindi ko alam kung psychological lang ba talaga o may siyentipikong epekto ang paninigarilyo kapag ang tao ang constipated.

Hindi ko na matandaan pa ang mga ilang bagay na pinangko kong gagawin noong nakaraang taon. Pero ngayon, susubukan kong baguhin ang isang ugali ko na alam ko ring matagal ko na dapat binago. do I put it? Ang hirap talagang mag-Tagalog lalo na kung ang gusto mong sabihin ay walang katumbas sa ating lenguahe. (Ngak! Tama ba ang ispeling ko ng lenguahe? kunganoman!)

Sa maniwala ka man o sa hindi, ako ay isang anti-social. Hindi ako nasisiyahan sa mga salu-salo lalo na't kung wala naman akong kakilala dun sa pupuntahan ko kaya't hindi nakapagtataka na mabibilang ko sa aking kanang kamay ang mga kaibigan ko. Parusa sa akin noon ang pumunta sa fashion shows, sa mga bahay ng mga ambasador, kumain at uminom ng mamahaling alak at pagkain sa mga hotel habang nagkukunwaring ako'y isang gourmand. Oo masaya ang dati kong trabaho dahil halos lahat ay libre. Sa kabilang banda, malungkot din dahil parang everything is superficial. Pero teka, nalalayo na yata ako sa usapan. Ang pagiging anti-social ko ang gusto kong baguhin, hindi sa ganoong aspeto ha, kundi pagdating sa aking mga kaibigan. Siguro iniisip ng mga iba kong kaibigan na nakalimutan ko na sila, or wala akong pakialam. Ewan ko ba, ganito na ko talaga high school pa lang ako. Hindi ako mahilig sumama sa mga lakad. Hindi ako pumupunta sa birthday, sa reunion, sa inuman o kung ano pa mang okasyon kahit na inimbita ako ng makailang ulit. Hindi ako yung tipong unang mambabati kung magkasalubong man tayo sa daan. Hindi rin ako maalalahanin. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun ay wala wala akong pakialam sa mga tao o sa mga kaibigan ko. Ganun lang talaga ako. Anti-social. Ewan.

Ah basta. Yun ang gusto ko baguhin ngayong 2009. I want to rekindle friendships, to open up more, and mingle with people as much as possible. Ikaw, anong gusto mong baguhin sa sarili mo ngayong bagong taon?