The Verdict

The verdict is out and David Cook won by 12 million votes (if I heard Ryan right). While it doesn't really matter who won the American Idol because I like them both anyway, I was kinda disappointed with the performance of Cookie last night. Ano ba yan, walang dating ang mga kinanta nia! I was waiting for goosebumps to come but sadly, the only chills I got was from the cold air coming from our rickety air conditioner. Ayayay!

Also, bakit parang mejo low-key yata ang show ngayon compared to last season in spite of the fact that it broke previous records with 97 million viewers casting their votes this year? Wala man lang earth-shaking performance from any of the guests.

By the way, where the heck is Taylor Hicks? I haven't heard from him in a loooong time. Sayang, we had high hopes for him. The guy is so humble but underrated. Nagkaroon ba siya ng album after American Idol? Could somebody please tell me...

Anyway, David Cook deserves to win and so is Archuleta. Am just glad it's over. Now I can catch up on sleep. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

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The two Davids

Now that American Idol is about to wrap up in a final showdown, we are torn between the two Davids. For some strange reasons, my husband has a knack for spotting great talent and if his hunch is right (again) then David Archuleta will be named American Idol tonight. But then David Cook always blows me away whenever he sings. I guess it's his sheepish grin that makes me blush inside and secretly wish that he'll win this one -- hands down!

Either way, we are anticipating a good show tonight brimming with talent and great performances. Bring in the Boy Bawang, please!
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Trinkets and more

I was in Quiapo last Sunday to replenish my bead collection. I found some stuff that I really liked including these red stones which looked so luscious I had to keep them away from my kids who thought they were cherries. I also bought some chains with varying textures and sizes which I used to create layered necklaces.

Here are a couple of the designs I made. For those who are interested, don't hesitate to drop me a line at my gmail account.

Gameboy addict

It's hard to talk to a five-year-old especially when his Gameboy is clamoring for the same attention. That's always my problem with my son River who's glued to his gizmo most of the day. One time, Riv asked me to help him score some "coins" using a slot machine so he could buy a virtual Pokemon. And that's when I got hooked.
Although I'm no big fan of computer games (except perhaps for solitaire), the doting mom in me readily obliged. Just like in arcade games where you save your points and exchange them later for an item, this Pokemon game had its same addicting effect on me.
I soon found myself trying to milk the slot machine with as many coins as I can until 11 p.m. and woke up at 5 a.m. to play again.
My excuse was, I wanted to surprise my son with enough "coins" so he could buy the most expensive Pokemon when he wakes up in the morning. The truth was, the game was too enticing to resist.
My husband used to say in jest that I'm such a pathological gambler whenever we played "tong-its" on rare occasions. I guess I just hate losing.
One time, we went to Casino Filipino at Waterfront Hotel in Cebu to play. It was our first time to enter a casino together and we were kinda embarrassed to exchange our P500 for some chips not when you have other players betting as much as P20,000!
We ended up fighting that evening because I really wanted to play at the slot machine yet none of us dared approach the dealer for some chips.
Maybe this is one of the reasons why families are torn apart due to gambling? Fortunately for us, we immediately kissed and made up as soon as we went back to our room. =)

Incidentally, I just read in the news that Charles Barkley (one of my favorite NBA players of all time) owes a $400,000 gambling debt to a Las Vegas casino. While he said that he's not broke and promised to pay up, I can't help but do a mental calculation of what one could buy with such money.

Parisian girls

Here are some of the photos from my last trip in January before I left Bulletin. It was one of the most memorable, if not the most memorable junket I had. We spent four days in the beautiful city of Paris, and while everything was ridiculously expensive, we managed to find something within our budget at H&M.

I also met with my brother and his wife who have been living and working in Paris for almost six years now. It was a bitter-sweet reunion of sorts since there was too little time to catch up after so many years of not seeing each other. Before our last day, Pam and I horded some cheeses and foie gras at this grocery store. I wanted to buy some cold cuts and ravioli because it was sooo cheap but common sense told me to put the items back in the shelves at mapapanis lang sa biyahe.

I miss this group...I miss Paris...I miss the chic little cafes in the streets and our tiny hotel at Rue de Tronchet. Most of all.. I miss traveling =(
(Thanks Tanya for the pictures)

Summer Shebang

After much debate with my husband, we finally decided to push through with our plans to spend a day in the beach, albeit rainshowers in the afternoons which I find weird in the summer month of May.
Off we went to White Rock in Subic with much anticipation especially after seeing the enticing photos posted on their website.
We spent the next three hours on the road, navigating our way to SBMA via San Fernando exit passing by Dinalupihan, Bataan.
It was already past 9 a.m. when we finally reached our final destination. I should have known better to make reservations before going there because all of the cabanas were already reserved, we were told. Unfortunately for us, this big group from a multinational company were having their annual summer outing on the same day!
We wanted to just walk away and look for another resort but we were too tired from the trip and the boys were giddy with excitement.
The usher told us to get a hut instead which can accommodate eight persons. Maybe he meant eight toddlers? Jusme! The hut was no bigger than a four-seater dining table and we had to pay P1500 for such little space on top of the P350 (adults) and P250 (kids) entrance fee!
Oh well, as long as my boys are having fun who cares? My 18-month old toddler raced down the beach as soon as I put him down. It was a fun day for all of us but I don't think we will be going back to White Rock anytime soon.

An attempt at blogging

So I'm officially part of the growing statistics of the unemployed here in the Philippines which explains why I created this blog in the first place (sigh). After more than seven years of writing for a newspaper, I finally called it quits last March due to a number of reasons (burnout being on top of the list).
I initially planned on just staying home, crafting my own fashion accessories, and looking after my two hyperactive boys, River & Alamat. And so I went to 168 as soon as I got my check to buy some beads and tools to jump start my hobby. Turned out, the beads at 168 were quite expensive (not to mention parking was horrendous!) and I only found out about it after going to Quiapo.
Minus the heavy and somewhat rowdy crowd, Quiapo is the place to go if you are looking for nice stones and quality beads at reasonable prices. I spent about P1,500 for a string of turquoise, amethyst, assorted beads, crimping tools, and beading wires. I also bought some magazines from Booksale (in SM Manila) to get me started. I still have them with me, untouched, except for a few attempts to create a lariat which was got a thumbs down from my husband cos it was kinda baduy daw and a choker. Maybe I should consider enrolling in a beading workshop..

Haiz...I just miss writing.