I know this is old news; so much has been written about the same incident in the web. But at the risk of sounding redundant, I will share this experience with you (actually, it's more of my husband's experience) to serve as a reminder to everyone especially businessmen to be vigilant and cautious when talking to entities who pose as NGOs or who claim to have ties with the government to extort money. This experience happened a few days ago. An unidentified man called my husband's office asking his company to make a P3,000 donation to their fund-raising event. The caller introduced himself as part of the Philippine Anti-Drug Support Group Commission, name-dropping influential people (mostly connected with the police and army) as the conversation progressed. My husband then told the caller that he will discuss the matter with the Board as this was a financial matter that required a consensus at the very least. This obviously annoyed the caller. So instead of waiting for the outcome of the "board meeting," the caller passed on the "offer" to my husband. In short, he wanted my husband to make a personal donation from his own pockets (or should I say our own savings).
This fueled my husband's suspicion even more. Without wanting to sound rude, my husband told the caller that "I will have to consult my wife first before I make any decision." You could imagine how pissed the caller might have been because at this point, he was already making threats perhaps to intimidate my husband and eventually persuade him to give the money.
My husband of course did not give in to any of his demands, and after the conversation ended he immediately searched for the name of the bogus company in the web. And here's what he found


Anonymous said...

whew!...buti na lang smart and firm si Daddy Argel. Kainis talaga mga manggagantso. Dapat putulan sila ng dila. ;p

CANDY said...

I was actually the one who was more "praning" than my husband after he told me the story. I mean, what if abangan siya sa labas diba? Alam mo naman ang mga ganyan, walang kaluluwa!